Comissão de Avaliação

  • Dr.

    José Presa Ramos

    Presidente da Associação Portuguesa para o Estudo do Fígado

    José António Pires Gomes Presa Ramos, born in 27-10-1967 at Viana do Castelo, Portugal. 

    Doctor of Medicine by the University of Porto since 1991. Specialist in Internal Medicine since 2000. 

    Actually, Senior Consultant in Internal Medicine since 2021.

    His formation in Hepatology tokes place in Liver Unit, Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, Spain as a fellow and in Oporto Liver Transplantation Unit, also as a fellow.

    In 2000 start to reorganize liver care in Vila Real, with a General Hepatology consultation and a day hospital dedicated to liver diseases. In 2007 form the Liver Unit, of which is currently director. After that he continues to reorganize the hepatology care in his region, incorporating more collaborators and start to give specialized formation to Internal Medicine resident. Nowadays our Unit have 8 hepatologists.

    In 2012 organize the Multidisciplinary Hepatobiliary Cancer Team.

    Collaborator of the University of Tras-os-Montes (UTAD).

    Researcher in multicenter studies, namely in more recent years in NASH, HCC field and participation in PREDICT Study from CLIF Consortium. Author of numerous lectures focusing on the different themes: ascites, AKI infection, hepatocellular carcinoma, Hepatitis B/C, NAFLD/NASH. 

    Author and co-author of publication.

    Member of the Portuguese Society Internal Medicine (SPMI); Center for the Study of Liver Disease of the SPMI (board); Founder of the former Portuguese Society of Hepatology; Founder of the Portuguese Group for the Study of Co-infection of the Portuguese Society of Infectiology; Member of Scientific Committee of Portuguese Society of Alcohology; European Association for Study of the Liver; International Liver Cancer Association and American Association Study Liver Disease. 

    Member of Portuguese Association for the Study of Liver, being actually President of Governmental Board.


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